Episode 2: Baking with Joy

Andrea is preparing for a trip to her hometown of New Orleans (a.k.a., food-lover’s paradise), and is excited to stock up on Steen‘s, a locally produced cane syrup she’s planning to use for her signature pecan pie this Thanksgiving. Andrea also recommends a new cookbook from her “pie guru,” Kate McDermott, “The Art of the […]

Episode 1: Pumpkin Baking Time

This week, Andrea is baking for the teachers at her daughter’s elementary school for parent teacher conferences, and Stefin is baking for friends who are coming over to dinner. Andrea’s headed off to New Orleans where she’s managed to wrangle a reservation at Restaurant R’Evolution for a special evening. She’s thinking about having the Maple […]

Episode 0: Introduction to Preheated

Welcome to the Preheated podcast! This week you’ll meet Stefin and Andrea, find out how they met, and learn what you can expect from their weekly podcast. They’ll also share their favorite desserts and cookbooks. Andrea shared brownies as her favorite dessert and admitted she is unable to make them very often, due to her […]

Greetings and thank yous

We are excited to have you join us on our baking journey. Stay tuned for recipes, listener challenges, hard-won kitchen wisdom, and lots of laughs. Most importantly, tell us what you would like to hear on each episode of Preheated. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Many thanks to Beth Buelow, The Introvert Entrepreneur, and […]