Episode 26: When is a Pie Actually a Cake?

The arrival of fresh rhubarb in the market is keeping Stefin and Andrea hopeful that spring is right around the corner, despite the continuing rain in the Pacific Northwest. Andrea’s baked up Kate McDermott’s Rhuberry Bluebarb pie and Joy the Baker’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb pie which her husband declared “the best pie ever.” Andrea wonders […]

Episode 17: Grown-up Puddings and Custards

It’s March and that means puddings and custards! While some adults might think of puddings and custards as a childhood food (hence the the term ‘nursery puddings’) the Preheated hosts plan to elevate the simple puddings of your childhood and explore rice puddings, bread puddings, and creme brûlées. This is not your mother’s Jello! Stefin […]