Episode 17: Grown-up Puddings and Custards

It’s March and that means puddings and custards! While some adults might think of puddings and custards as a childhood food (hence the the term ‘nursery puddings’) the Preheated hosts plan to elevate the simple puddings of your childhood and explore rice puddings, bread puddings, and creme brûlées. This is not your mother’s Jello! Stefin […]

Episode 10: Books & Brownies

While swathed in a faux fur stole, Stefin shares a recipe that uses the leftover graham cracker crumbs listeners may have after making the New Year’s Eve dessert from Episode 9. It’s King Arthur Flour’s No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares, and they’re divine, daaahling. Ostensibly more suitably clad, Andrea recounts two recent reads — one, […]