Episode 1: Pumpkin Baking Time

This week, Andrea is baking for the teachers at her daughter’s elementary school for parent teacher conferences, and Stefin is baking for friends who are coming over to dinner. Andrea’s headed off to New Orleans where she’s managed to wrangle a reservation at Restaurant R’Evolution for a special evening. She’s thinking about having the Maple Bread Pudding Crème Brûlée for dessert!

Andrea and Stefin then kick off their November theme: Cakes! Andrea delivers a sucker punch to Stefin when she announces she hasn’t baked a cake in ten years. Stefin quickly rallies and they both jump on board for Cake Month and are excited for the adventure and learning ahead.

Let’s be clear – we’re talking cakes that are relatively easy, and with a minimum investment as far as products and ingredients. Andrea and Stefin don’t have the skills or time for fancy baking, and we’re guessing you don’t either! We’re talking classic home baking, folks. #teambuttercream, not #teamfondant.

Announcing our first cake: Pumpkin Spice Buttermilk Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting by food blogger Danielle at Cozycakes Cottage. Stefin shares her excitement over trying a product called Baker’s Joy. Please check out the recipe, bake it yourself, and let us know how it turned out. Head on over to our Facebook group and post some pics!

Andrea learns you can make a bundt cake recipe in a tube pan, but you can’t make a tube cake recipe (like angel food cake) in a bundt pan. In the Appliance Garage Stefin teaches Andrea about a ‘sharing plate’ and Andrea shares her obsession with silicone baking mats.

In the Stock-up Spiel segment Stefin encourages listeners to start stocking up on spices for the holiday baking season. The Kroger grocery chain is offering 50% off on holiday spices and Stefin is going to grab some vanilla beans while Andrea is going to stock up on some whole nutmegs.

Listeners, we’d love to hear your input! Leave a comment below and tell us what your “can’t live without” holiday spice is.

An upcoming Listener challenge is announced and it’s…drumroll please… Homemade Eggnog! Tune in to the next Episode of Preheated t0 learn more about making and aging this tasty holiday beverage.


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