Episode 14: Biscoff 10, Willpower 0

Andrea and Stefin start the show at Intimidation Station, where they waylay listener fears about tackling meringue — so crucial during National Pie Month for lemon meringue pie (among others). Although meringue looks incredibly difficult, it’s really only egg whites, sugar, a few minutes with your stand mixer, and a quick broil to turn it that lovely golden brown. No doubt, your hosts themselves will be back at this Station soon with their own fears, but in the meantime, let us know: What baking technique or recipe can we help demystify for you?

Next up, Andrea discusses her “semi-jacked” banana bread, and Stefin lets her in on a secret: Banana bread actually improves overnight (if you have the willpower to leave it, well-wrapped, on your kitchen counter). Speaking of willpower, Stefin has none in reserve after making and enjoying the delicious, and totally original, Totally Biscoff Pie. Andrea agrees, and shares a clever use for leftover cookie butter and/or pie filling (if you, ahem, actually still have some in the house).

Looking for a break from the kitchen? Andrea and Stefin both heartily recommend the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures — a perfect, and important, movie for the whole family. And Andrea advises bringing plenty of tissues if you go see A Dog’s Purpose. Finally, Stefin stumbles upon a kitchen efficiency when she uses already whipped cream in a banana cream pie.

Next, the hosts give a brief run-down of their “upside down” pie pick for next week: Martha’s Favorite Tarte Tatin — a one-crust, skillet pie with apples and caramel. Listeners, bake along with us! We’d love to know how this inverted classic worked for you!

Finally, Pie School is back in session with a discussion about favorite rolling pins (both hosts love their French, tapered rolling pins) and pastry cloths. Andrea recommends keeping everything in the freezer so you’re always ready to roll.


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One thought on “Episode 14: Biscoff 10, Willpower 0

  1. I think walnuts are better than pecans in banana nut bread. My recipe also has BEATEN egg whites in it.Don’t know if this is unique or not. But, I am like Andrea, I tend to wait until I have bananas that are almost ready to “die” then I think about making banana nut bread.

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