Episode 19: Irish Eyes are Smilin’

Despite making a vow to never have brownies in her house, Andrea’s having a fabulous week trying not one but two new brownie recipes: Alice Medrich’s New Classic Brownies, and Quick and Easy Fudge Brownies from King Arthur Flour. Neither “changed her life,” but both were tasty — just don’t turn your oven off!

The Chocolate Chess Pie from Episode 16 continues to attract fans, including our youngest one yet! If a pre-kindergartener can make it, what are you waiting for? Dive in to this easy and delicious pie today!

March is “Try Pod” month in which podcast listeners share their favorites with others. Andrea was recently interviewed on one of her faves, Little Red Bandwagon. (Loyal listeners will remember LRB co-host Ann Lundholm was featured on Episode 6 of our show!) Download episode 201 to answer the question: “Are you a Stefin or an Andrea?” for yourself! Andrea also enjoys LRB’s “parent” podcast, Too Beautiful To Live. Stefin’s working her way through the Civil War with The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast, and when she needs a modern ‘cast, loves Call Your Girlfriend and Note to Self.

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How did the hosts come up with the name Preheated? Andrea takes a walk down memory lane, and Stefin shares that none other than Gretchen Rubin (of “The Happiness Project”) is a fan of their brainstormed winner!

Speaking of winners, both hosts had a big win with Clodagh McKenna’s Bread & Butter Pudding with Salted Caramel Whiskey Butter Sauce. Load up on butter and Irish whiskey, do not dare take a look at the fat and calorie content, and make this today. It’s a moist and delicious treat that may have finally convinced Andrea to appreciate (golden) raisins.

The month of Puddings & Custards continues with a favorite from the Deep South: Banana Pudding! Whether you’re new to this delicacy or grew up eating it, we hope this recipe from Angie at Big Bear’s Wife will be worth keeping in your fridge 24/7/365 — just like the King insisted. (But do keep an eye on that meringue!)

Finally, in a Kitchen Wisdom segment, Stefin explains that the sell by/use by/best by dates on many grocery store items are mostly arbitrary and (according to the USDA) are used to track flavor, inventory and quality — but NOT food safety. Think you wouldn’t be able to tell if something’s gone off? Andrea’s anecdote about rotten hazelnuts proves you will.

Listeners, do you pay attention to dates on food items? Which ones? Why?


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  1. I always keep nuts(pecans, sliced almonds,etc.) in the freezer as I don’t cook and use them as much as some people. Many years ago, I tasted some nuts that had rancid, and I was like Andrea…..spit it out quickly!! New Orleans restaurants make good bread pudding……among many other things too.

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