Episode 21: Rise and Shine Breakfast Bakes

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At the movies, Andrea and Stefin both give enthusiastic thumbs up to the new Beauty and the Beast revamp — Disney magic at its finest, and one of the best dining scenes ever. Be our guest indeed!

The month of Breakfast Bakes kicks off with … creme brulee? Well, it is mostly eggs! Whether you make Tom Fitzmorris‘ recipe in individual ramekins (Andrea) or one “Big Brulee” (Stefin), both hosts think this is a go-to recipe for creme brulee purists.

Next up, the hosts fight their panic and introduce a recipe for one of Andrea’s favorite pastries: kouign amann. (Loosely translated from French to “butter cake,” and loosely pronounced “queen ya ahmann.”) Andrea says it’s like a “delightful, dense, buttery croissant,” and Stefin has to take her word for it, since she’s never tried it! How will this fancy treat translate to the home kitchen? Bake along with us and let’s find out. But be sure to plan ahead: You’ll need jumbo muffin tins AND at least a day to create buttery, bakery magic.

Need some inspiration for make-ahead breakfasts to ease your morning chaos? Stefin and Andrea to the rescue. The hosts have several ideas, including overnight oatmeal, steel-cut oatmeal, and Morning Glory oatmeal casserole. Oats not your thing? How about ham and cheese hash-brown casserole, or scrambled eggs in mason jars? Check out our Pinterest board for several of these yummy recipes (and plenty of other inspiration).

Back in the Gadget Garage, Andrea reveals her latest obsession: The sous vide — a commercial-kitchen quality water bath cooking method that is great for meat and eggs, but maybe not dessert. At least not yet. Andrea’s not done experimenting!

Listeners: Do you have a fun kitchen gadget you’d like us to talk about in the Garage? Let us know!


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