Episode 27: Bizcochito Cookies, Fun to Say and Eat!

Stefin’s checkerboard cake for her son turned out beautifully, despite many small challenges along the way. She was able to pull it off without a specialized pan, which is always a pleasure for those of us who try to avoid unitaskers in the kitchen.

Next up is the review of the Boston Cream Pie from Sugar and Soul and both the hosts modified the recipe to use two 9-inch cake pans, rather than three 6-inch pans. The hosts discussed a few other modifications, and both were  careful to make sure their pastry cream didn’t curdle. Stefin introduced listeners to a new term, the “naked cake,” aka, a cake without frosting. Andrea has decided that ultimately she may not be a cake baker, feeling that too many bowls are used and some of the instructions continue to baffle her. Perhaps mini Boston Cream Pies are in her future?

Moving from Massachusetts to the Southwest, our hosts introduce the state cookie of New Mexico, the Bizcochito, from the What’s Cooking America website. This is like a sugar cookie with anise, and can be rolled or dropped. Stefin and Andrea both plan on using the anise seeds, although you can use anise extract. Andrea mentioned the Doberge Cake which she fondly remembers from growing up in Louisiana, though she’s not ready any time soon to start baking a 7 layer cake!

Listeners, what is the official state dessert where you live?

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