Episode 28.5: May Bonus Episode

Our hosts start this short bonus episode with memories of their Secret Santa experience, but quickly move on to more pleasant topics by reviewing their Texas Sheet Cake that was introduced in Episode 28. Andrea enjoyed the old-fashioned look of the recipe from a community cookbook, as well as the simplified style of the recipe ingredients: butter, sugar, and flour are listed without modifiers. When it came to pouring the cake into the “large cookie sheet” Andrea learned her jelly roll pan was a bit warped, and had trouble getting cake into all the corners. Next time she makes it, she’ll use a smaller pan to make a thicker cake. She also substituted yogurt for the sour cream, and pecans for the walnuts. Stefin confirmed her substitution of pecans made her dessert more authentic! Yield was 25 pieces, and they were pretty large.

Stefin had success with this recipe as well. She took hers to a large event, and the kids loved it. She found it a bit bland, and thinks next time she might try a different brand of cocoa (Andrea used Frontier brand Black Cocoa Powder.)

The coveted blue ribbon award came next with Andrea awarding hers to the Bizchocito cookie from Episode 27, while Stefin gave hers to the Boston Cream Pie from Episode 26. Thanks for joining us in May for our Regional Food Tour!

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