Episode 4.5: Bonus Episode

Stefin and Andrea get together for a quick chat about the Listener’s favorite cakes, starting with Erin and Valerie’s coconut cake. Andrea raves about her latest find, a vintage Ransberg cake tin, which she loves because of the square shape.

Ransberg cake carrier

Beth Anne recommends an orange genoise cake, while Betty and Judy went with the classic carrot cake and spice cake. Roxanne recommended an applesauce ginger cake, while Sam went with the classic yellow cake, and John stuck with chocolate cake with chocolate icing. (Special shout-out to all the listeners who admit cake is merely a vehicle to get frosting into their mouths. And special thanks to listener Craig who coined the term #teambuttercream.)

If you want to check out all of our listeners favorite cakes, visit our Facebook group, Preheated.

Stefin and Andrea both awarded their  Blue Ribbon to the Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from Danielle at CozyCakesCottage.com.

Finally, we hope you’ll be patient with us as we learn about podcasting and you can tolerate the occasional dog barking, cat meowing, or leaf blower.


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