Episode 4: Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake

Still giddy from a rare in-person pre-production meeting, Andrea and Stefin waste no time launching into the episode with a debate about homemade vs. store-bought pumpkin pie, topical since Stefin’s husband has controversially suggested purchasing an (admittedly delicious-sounding) pumpkin pie with gingerbread crust from Seattle’s Dahlia Bakery. Andrea lets Stefin (and listeners) know the secrets of her light and flaky pie crusts is leaf lard – and she has a few purveyors to recommend if you want to try this yourself.

The Lardist on Etsy

Dietrich’s Meats in Pennsylvania

Recipe of the week, Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake, provided the hosts with more than just a fudgy treat – it also provided some important lessons. Lesson #1: Geography! The recipe’s creator, Sue, and her site, theviewfromgreatisland.com, are in New Hampshire – not Maine or Prince Edward Island as the hosts foolishly speculated. Lesson #2: Cookware! What’s a brownie pan? Besides being the item that’s now at the top of Stefin and Andrea’s Christmas lists, it’s also a pan specifically made for brownies! (PS: Andrea used a “lasagna pan” and Stefin used an old Pyrex and they both worked great in this recipe.) If you’re looking for a kid-pleasing, chocolate dream come true, look no further than this snack cake.

Listeners, have you ever heard of a brownie pan? Do you own one?

Both hosts agree the humble fruitcake could go a lot further with another name. Ask yourself: Do you enjoy booze, fruit and cake? Than we’ve got the recipe for you! This Macadamia Nut Fruitcake from the December 2001 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine is light, blonde and full of surprises, just like Stefin! Start it now and prepare to change some minds!

Finally, veering into conspiracy theory territory, Stefin speculates that there is no difference between M&M and Snickers baking bits and their full-size, candy aisle counterparts. And Andrea and Stefin parse some of the socioeconomic reasons behind the high price of butter.


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