Episode 50: Older and Wiser (with Cupcakes!)

Stefin and Andrea kick off Preheated’s celebratory first-anniversary month with a look back at some memorable episodes. Remember Cranberry Upside Down Cake (Episode 3), homemade eggnog (Episode 5) and Biscoff Pie (Episode 14)? How about our reminder from Episode 1 — to take advantage of fall sales on baking spices, flour and butter? It was good advice that’s stood the test of time — Andrea recently stocked up on 20 pounds of flour, and Stefin knows first-hand how much better fresh spices taste after buying all new when she arrived in London.

Next, Andrea issues some fall baking wisdom that’s been hard-won. She let an intense dislike of a certain coffee chain’s Pumpkin Spice Latte dissuade her from creating sweet and savory dishes with this perfect fall squash. But on her recent trip to Europe, she renewed her love affair with a delicious pumpkin soup in Paris, as well as a roasted pumpkin dish (enjoyed with Stefin) at London’s NOPI.

We love hearing from our listeners! Natalie Dawn recently shared a delicious Biscoff Cupcake recipe on our Facebook page, and Andrea in Germany helpfully shed some light on the mysterious Italian beignet Stefin talked about in Episode 47. Remember you can connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest and via the comments section for each episode on our website. Or, drop us an email: hosts@preheatedpodcast.com.

Next, both hosts introduce a cupcake that’s reminiscent of a favorite bake made during their first year — Stefin’s doing a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake from the blog Life Love and Sugar (harking back to Episode 27), and Andrea will flout the season and do a S’Mores Cupcake from Sally’s Baking Addiction (like Episode 40).

The duo next share the lessons the they’ve learned, the resolutions they’ve kept and the audio that’s haunting them after one year on air. Andrea is pleased she’s making more “homemade” treats she would otherwise have purchased in a bakery — think scones, quick bread, biscuits. She’s also pleased with how far she’s come with time management skills and overcoming her personal baking bugaboo, cakes. Stefin’s happy she and Andrea have lived up to their motto of “learning and laughs” and that she spent a year broadening her baking horizons. She’s also pleased she’s kept her mid-year baking resolution (from Episode 30) to wear her apron.

Finally, both hosts agree they could devote an entire show to unfortunate, but usually funny, errors — Andrea saying “heritage” tomatoes instead of heirloom, or Stefin calling Stephanie Plum (heroine of Janet Evanovich’s stellar series) a “bounty honey.” Learning and laughs, listeners. Learning and laughs.


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