Episode 56: Candy for Everyone!

Stefin’s back from International Night at her daughter’s middle school, and reports the stand-out treat, on a night filled with delicious Israeli jelly donuts, Dutch pancakes, British gin and tonics, New Zealand Marmite and yes, American Coors Light, was the beloved national candy of Brazil: brigadeiros! It’s a chocolate truffle-like, bite-size candy that’s worth seeking out. Stefin’s own entry to the USA table, apple slab pie, was a success, too, and especially popular among the Chinese families!

Meanwhile, Andrea’s wondering if she’s up to the challenge of creating a traditional yule log (or buche de noel). This holiday classic is a jelly roll cake decorated to look like a piece of wood, and is traditionally served in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec, among other places. For a little inspiration, here’s Paul Hollywood’s version!

Listeners: Have you ever made or eaten a classic buche de noel?

Time for the duo’s review of Homemade English Toffee from Episode 55, courtesy of loyal listener Jeanne, and her mother! This was a hit for both hosts — quick (!), easy, delicious and fun to make. You may not need a nut chopper or flat whisk, but do make sure you have a sharp knife and scraping utensil handy. Chocolate chips don’t melt reliably, so go for Hershey’s milk chocolate bars in the US or Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons in the UK. To ensure clean pieces with a minimum of “toffee dust,” try chilling for just two hours, then breaking into pieces before returning to the fridge to chill completely. Also try some fun variations — dark chocolate and almonds? Milk chocolate and pistachios? The possibilities are endless with this TNT recipe.

Back to the “bars” during this Bon Bons & Bars month, with the Laughing Spatula’s Gingerbread Cookie Bars — reminiscent of Andrea’s favorite soft molasses cookie from Episode 6. Both hosts are looking forward to a big batch of one of their favorite flavors.

Finally, Andrea and Stefin reminisce about kitchen gifts that have made it into their “most loved” category. For Andrea, it’s her Kitchen Aid mixer, Cuisinart food processor, double-sided measuring spoons, deep-dish pie plate and a ready supply of new kitchen towels. Stefin appreciates her French rolling pin, wooden tasting spoon, kitchen scale and cookie jars.


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