Episode 58: 2018 Baking Resolutions

Happy New Year Preheaters! Stefin and Andrea are ready to kick off 2018 in style. But first, Andrea has a look back — and a cautionary tale — about the Apple Cider Caramels the duo talked about during Bon Bon & Bars Month in December’s Episode 57. Heed Andrea’s advice and take a look at the weather forecast if you’re going to attempt these!

January is National Baking Month and you can look forward to a variety of recipes that celebrate the fun and funky days that are honored during the next four weeks — cakes, cookies, pies and, first up, cream puffs to celebrate National Cream Puff Day on January 6! Although both hosts have had epic disasters with some Martha Stewart recipes and crafts in the past, they’re up to the challenge of her Classic Cream Puffs with No-Fuss Pastry Cream. Are you?

In the spirit of the new year, both hosts share their 2018 baking resolutions. Andrea is looking forward to discovering more “template” style recipes (like the cake recipes she talked about in Episode 52) and organizing her pantry. Likewise, Stefin wants to organize her massive recipe collection and Andrea has some high-tech advice for her. Will 2018 be the year Stefin converts from paper to Andrea’s beloved AnyList app? Stay tuned! Stefin is also inspired by her annual Christmas Day cinnamon rolls, and wants to bake more bread.

Listeners, what are some of your 2018 baking or kitchen-related resolutions?


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