Episode 60: Peanut Butter Pie & 2018 Food Trends

After a chat with a loyal listener, Stefin wonders if she and Andrea could each come up with a list of their 10 favorite Preheated episodes. Stay tuned to see if your hosts are up to this challenge.

Listeners: Let us know some of your favorite episodes! Maybe it was the featured recipes that delighted you, maybe it was the witty banter, a fun mini-segment, or a huge fail. Which episodes would make your top 10?

Now that she’s joined the “cookie jar club” Andrea loves seeing listeners’ pictures of their cookie jars on the Preheated Facebook community (though she didn’t mean to ignite a family feud!).

Next up, the hosts review the ultra-indulgent Peanut Butter Pie to celebrate both National Pie Day on January 23 and National Peanut Butter Day on January 24. Because she was baking for a nut-free audience, Andrea made several modifications, developing her own “Biscoff Cookie Butter Pie,” which she deemed a delicious success. But if listeners want to try this modification, they may need to experiment with adding additional butter to the crust, as Biscoff cookies are not as inherently fatty as the Oreos called for in the original recipe. Andrea’s variation reminds Stefin of Biscoff Pie (which the hosts introduced in Episode 14).

Stefin followed the recipe to the letter, but, even as a huge PB/chocolate fan, found it too rich for a traditionally sized slice of pie. In the future, she would make it in a larger, square pan and cut the dessert into smaller squares (as Andrea did).

Next up, it’s time to celebrate National Shortbread Day (January 6) and National Hot Tea Month with London Fog Shortbread. Do read the recipe carefully, as there are several instructions to chill the dough. Additionally, be sure to use actual tea leaves, not brewed tea.

Tastemakers and trendsetters alike have released their 2018 food trend predictions, and the Preheated hosts are pleased to see they’re once again on the cutting edge. (They’re particularly excited that eating four meals a day will be hot in 2018.) Stefin reports that demand for “functional” foods (foods with added protein or hydration, for example) will continue. Listeners will remember that Andrea regularly makes protein bites (Episode 41). Also exciting is that floral flavors will dominate in 2018, leading the hosts to reminisce about a rose-water-based care package, and the prevalence of cardamom in UK recipes.

Andrea reveals that she’s experimenting with the ongoing plant-based protein trend, and has embarked on a personal challenge to discover the the ultimate vegan ice-cream recipe in 2018. Don’t forget Preheated’s foray into this arena back in June with Spicy Peanut Butter Ice Cream! Andrea also reports that a fascination with “alt-sugar” will continue, leading the duo to remember the Agave-Sweetened Chocolate Ice Cream they both loved in June 2017. And finally, a return to traditional bread baking (one of Stefin’s 2018 Baking Resolutions!) will also stay hot.


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