Episode 61.5 January Bonus: Chocolate Bundts and Blue Ribbons

Stefin is seeing 2018 food trend “functional food” from Episode 60 everywhere she turns, including her favorite grocery store’s weekly and monthly publications. The Waitrose Weekly recently featured former Great British Bake Off contestant Martha Collison’s Mango & Passion Fruit Energy Bars, while the January issue of Waitrose Food magazine featured L.A. chef Matthew Kenney’s Vegan Chocolate Brownie Truffles. Amazingly, Andrea already knew of these brownie bites, being a huge fan of the Waitrose app, which allows her electronic access to all of the paper recipes Stefin’s clipping in London! However they’re accessing these yummy recipes, both hosts agree that the phrase “functional food” sounds neither sexy nor appetizing, so Stefin coins the new phrase “nourishing nibbles.”

Moving on from British grocery stores to the British monarchy, Andrea wonders if Stefin is planning her own royal wedding watching party to celebrate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending nuptials in May. Of course, Stefin plans to receive her invitation any day now, or, at the very least buy a hat and a commemorative tea towel to honor the happy couple.

But the fun won’t end in May, because the Stefin’s hometown NFL team, the Seattle Seahawks, have just announced they’ll play a game in London in October. (One can only hope the NFL is busy crafting their own commemorative tea towels for this event.) Can a tailgate exist in a country that calls the back end of the car the “boot”? Stay tuned! (And send queso.)

Is the Contest-Winning Moist Chocolate Cake a winner for your hosts? Well, yes and no. Andrea tried using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour to make a Celiac-friendly dessert, but she thought the garbanzo-bean heavy flour made her cake taste like dirt. (Yikes!) She stuck to the recipe on her second try, but was underwhelmed by this “chocolate Twinkie.”

Across the pond, Stefin had vastly different results and is filing this cake under her TNT (“tried ‘n’ true”) recipes for when she needs a fast, moist, delicious and pretty cake. The coffee and buttermilk added a welcome tang and richness of flavor, and the recipe itself couldn’t have been easier. (She’s also relieved her cake released from her bundt pan beautifully, even without her beloved Baker’s Joy.)

National Hot Chocolate Day is just around the corner on January 31. Whether you plan to toast the day with cold, frozen or traditional beverages, your hosts have some ideas to help you celebrate.

Finally, because January has five Mondays, the duo each award their coveted Blue Ribbon to their favorite dessert from National Baking Month. Andrea chose London Fog Shortbread, citing the ease with which she made these delicious and unique cookies — and the fact that she’s returned to the recipe three times already. Stefin chose the Classic Cream Puffs, thanks to the recipe’s pastry cream (another TNT) and her family’s love of this elegant and special dessert.

Listeners: Which dessert would you award a Blue Ribbon to this month?

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