Episode 9: Champagne Dreams

January is National Baking Month and the hosts celebrate by kicking off their month of New Year’s Baking Resolutions. Andrea has already gotten a jump on baking for a crowd, one of her personal baking resolutions, by whipping up gingerbread for 60. And Stefin is still holding tight to one she made back in 1991: Always keep a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge! (Thanks for the inspiration Glamour magazine!)

And speaking of that bubbly, the hosts review their celebratory White Chocolate Champagne Cheesecake Shooters, which, though beautiful, did not take kindly to the meddling of the Preheated gals. If you’re looking for cute shooter glasses, here’s a link.

Hopefully, brownies will fare better with a bit of fiddling, because Andrea and Stefin are in it to win it in the first of their four baking resolutions: Lighten Up a Favorite. Specifically, they’re tackling Can’t Tell Me They’re Low-fat Brownies from KitchMe.com. Conveniently, this lightened-up recipe includes prune puree, which, as well as being a killer tongue twister, dovetails nicely with National Eat a Prune for Breakfast Day, also happening in January. Yes! Permission to eat a brownie for breakfast, guilt free!

Finally, the hosts share their favorite generic baking goodies. Andrea sings the praises of Costco’s massive bottle of vanilla, and Stefin wades into the chocolate-chip controversy by insisting that Kroger’s Private Selection chocolate chips are superior to Nestle’s.

Listeners, do you have any generic favorites in the baking aisle?


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