Episode 50: Older and Wiser (with Cupcakes!)

Stefin and Andrea kick off Preheated’s celebratory first-anniversary month with a look back at some memorable episodes. Remember Cranberry Upside Down Cake (Episode 3), homemade eggnog (Episode 5) and Biscoff Pie (Episode 14)? How about our reminder from Episode 1 — to take advantage of fall sales on baking spices, flour and butter? It was […]

Episode 48: Singing the Praises of Fall Baking

Andrea is staying cozy in the kitchen by baking sourdough bread with her new “old” starter. Passed on by a friend, the sourdough has traveled from Spain and has been through four generations of bakers! She loves the flavor and history it gives to her favorite no-knead, cast-iron bread. Meantime, Stefin reminds listeners that the […]

Episode 47: Nothing Says Fall Like a (Pumpkin) Donut

It’s October and Andrea is keeping cozy in the kitchen making homemade pantry items — granola, mayonnaise and a dried mushroom powder that’s perfect for sprinkling on eggs, veggies and popcorn. In London, Stefin is plowing through the six pounds (!) of wheat germ she (mistakenly) ordered with batches of granola and muffins. And both […]

Episode 2: Baking with Joy

Andrea is preparing for a trip to her hometown of New Orleans (a.k.a., food-lover’s paradise), and is excited to stock up on Steen‘s, a locally produced cane syrup she’s planning to use for her signature pecan pie this Thanksgiving. Andrea also recommends a new cookbook from her “pie guru,” Kate McDermott, “The Art of the […]

Episode 1: Pumpkin Baking Time

This week, Andrea is baking for the teachers at her daughter’s elementary school for parent teacher conferences, and Stefin is baking for friends who are coming over to dinner. Andrea’s headed off to New Orleans where she’s managed to wrangle a reservation at Restaurant R’Evolution for a special evening. She’s thinking about having the Maple […]