Episode 104: Irish Cream with a Side of Drama

Did you, like Andrea in Episode 56, resolve to make a classic Yule Log this holiday season? Did you, like Andrea, simply run out of time? Then Stefin suggests you try a Yule … Stump?! (It’s a huge trend apparently, with everyone from Good Housekeeping UK to Martha Stewart jumping on the bandwagon!) If you’re […]

Episode 103: Cherry Bounce Puts a Hop in Our Step

 Listeners, what “must-have” desserts are you baking for the holidays? You know what we mean … those special items that your family has come to depend upon, and that the holidays simply wouldn’t seem complete without. For Andrea, it’s pecan pie. Head on over to the Facebook group Preheated or send an email to […]

Episode 102: Tipsy Treats

It’s the first December episode; Stefin’s singing and Andrea’s reminiscing about life-size gingerbread houses. And that’s before the Tipsy Treats start flowing! Dive right in to the festivities with your favorite baking duo to learn how to budget and plan for recipes that require an above-average amount of alcohol: Ask for alcohol for an early holiday gift […]

Episode 101: Sweet Potato Pie Rockets to the Top of Our Charts

Andrea’s fresh off a fun new experience, pressing her own homemade apple cider. She’s boiled the cider down into a syrup and plans on using it to make these Apple Cider Caramels from King Arthur Flour. Stefin recalls her own fond childhood memories of driving around Everett, WA and picking up apples from neighbors in […]

Episode 100: Bagels and Royal Blue Ribbons

Stefin’s celebrating a birthday this week and her family is whipping up a special treat of Ina Garten’s Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting. Proving that “Choosy Moms Choose JIF” Stefin will be taking a trip to the American Food Store for this crucial ingredient. Recipe Review: Very Good Bagels, Easy-ish Too This week’s review […]

Episode 99: Circular Celebration

Stefin and Andrea are debating the merits of Country Crock Buttery Sticks (and Stefin’s reminiscing about their fabulous, flirty commercials from the ’80s). These might be a good choice for those who can’t or don’t want to eat butter, and would definitely cut down on softening time. Andrea wants feedback, and recipes, so drop an email to […]

Episode 98: Gather ‘Round

It’s November, and Stefin and Andrea are celebrating another spin “round” the sun for themselves and Preheated with a month devoted to all round treats. From bagels to bundt cakes, it’s going to be fun and festive. And remember, our 100th episode is fast approaching! There’s still time to weigh in with your favorite recipe from the […]

Episode 96: Charmed by Pumpkin Chiffon Pie & Julia O’Malley

Andrea’s still on a high from turning a massive batch of ill-fated cookie dough into … cake?! Stefin hopes she jots down the recipe to this delicious sounding bit of kitchen resuscitation so we can all enjoy her one-of-a-kind Caramel-Pumpkin-Pecan-Cream Cheese concoction. (And to hear how far Andrea’s come as a cake baker, just listen […]