Episode 123: Made it Myself!

Andrea’s home from Arizona, where she baked with her sister-in-law, cake baker and caterer Mimi Randall. She issues a cautionary tale about baking in a kitchen that’s not your own — ingredients, equipment and even humidity may be different, so be sure to pack your patience!

Speaking of packing, Preheated Listeners have taken (or have seen) a variety of delicious eats wind their way through airport security: Listener Andrew’s read about traveling with sourdough starter; Listener Meredith, like Andrea, once saw a fully frosted cake on the conveyor belt; Kim likes to bring back local cheese; Sarah puts her Thanksgiving leftovers in a Ziploc; and Maggie once brought a full-size pizza onboard — then generously shared it with the people sitting in her row! (Unlike a certain host who feigned ignorance about the muffuletta in the overhead compartment.)

Moving on from pizza to performances, Stefin has a five-star review of Waitress the Musical. Run, don’t walk, to see this extraordinary piece of theater that bakers will especially appreciate (though do be aware it’s got PG-13 themes and language). From the lobby filled with the aroma of fresh-baked pie, to the phenomenal music by Sara Bareilles, this is a special show.

Finally, the Recipe tab is back on the website. Thanks to several Listeners who alerted us to the problems they were having. This is the place to search for original Preheated recipes like Andrea’s Marionberry Coconut Crumble Bars, or Stefin’s Key Lime Pie with Mile-High Meringue. (If a recipe is available online you’ll find that link in the particular show notes.)

This Week’s Bake Along: Life Changing Crackers from My New Roots

You might normally buy these goodies off the shelf, but this month, Stefin and Andrea will see if “Made if Myself” versions of crackers, PopTarts, power bars and even Oreos just taste better. First up: Life Changing Crackers from My New Roots. Stefin was lucky enough to sample these delights at her potluck club, and hopes making them at home is as rewarding as eating them was. She plans to make the fig and anise variation, while Andrea is going for the smoked salt and rosemary version. Chock full of seeds, oats and yes, psyllium seed husk powder, will this savory bake live up to its name? Bake along with us and share your thoughts on our Facebook community or drop us an email to hosts@preheatedpodcast.com!

Fun Foodie Factory Tours

From California to Italy, ice-cream to chocolate, Stefin and Andrea have a delicious round-up of some of the most intriguing (sweet) factory tours around. Fun on summer vacation, your honeymoon or your 40th birthday! Mentioned on the episode:
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Jelly Belly
Liberty Orchards (Aplets & Cotlets)
Eli’s Cheesecake World
Hershey’s Chocolate World
Tillamook Creamery
Dole Pineapple Plantation
Blue Bell Creameries
Collin Street Bakery (fruitcake)
Perugina House of Chocolate
Cadbury World
Chocolat Alprose
Concept Chocolate
Ethel M Chocolate
Theo Chocolate

Listeners, do you have a favorite foodie factory tour? Add to our Preheated Road Trip Itinerary by emailing hosts@preheatedpodcast.com.

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